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Photo : Franklin Joseph - Specialist in Women Safety, Women Self Defense and Women Psychological Empowerment against Crime, Violence, Corporate Sexual Harassment and Sexual Abuse
quotesCan a young women empower a younger child? I am not talking about martial arts lessons or self defense courses. A recent survey in schools revealed a majority of girls are face harassment and abuse in school, home and streets. Most cannot share or speak about it to anyone. So help educate a child by becoming the power to lead, be-friend, educate and empower them. Let's Change India. Jai Hind.quotes
Franklin Joseph a.k.a 'Dr. Safety'
Call me at 9886769281 or email me at Frank (at)
C.E.O. | Specialist on Street Crime, Violence, Corporate Sexual Harassment & Child / Women Sexual Abuse | Social Entrepreneur | Practicing Krav-Maga since 2003 | Researcher on Abuse since 1986 | Violence & Abuse Survivor since 4 years old
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Start of 'i' Teach 'i' Power campaign by Franklin Joseph

Contact Franklin Joseph where we are focusing on empowering women to educate children in safety awareness and psychological empowerment against crime, violence and abuse.

Both boys & girls are vulnerable without knowledge

Children of all ages both boys & girls are vulnerable without knowledge. Call Franklin Joseph 9886769281 to organise workshops in your school and college.