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Enroll your School with iTeachiPower.com

Enroll your School with iTeachiPower.com

To enroll your school or college as iTeachiPower.com Members, please call Specialist Guru-ji Franklin Joseph @ 9886769281 or 7483520836.

What is Franklin Joseph iTeachiPower.com Campaign?
i Teach I Power is a campaign founded by Guru-ji Franklin Joseph, a Social Entrepreneur & a Specialist in Combat Science & Special Tactics of Krav Maga Self Defense to help empower girls empowering other girls. Evolve Lives Foundation is now our primary partners in Karnataka. The concept was to first train girls in introductory level of combat science (no.. it’s not martial arts). Then provide a platform where these girls train other girls and this create a network and mentor each other. If the girls or women, prefer to take it on a professional level, they can earn by teaching girls the advance versions. Or they can help educate others via social activation or promotions.